Character and Personality – Karakter dan Kepribadian/Character and Competence- Karakter dan Kompetensi

The Relationship between character and personality can be illustrated with an iceberg (personality) is what people first see.Although image,techniques,and skills can influence your outward success,the weight of real effectiveness lies in good character. If we draw the illustration “Character” portion is bigger.

Hubungan antara karakter dan kepribadian dapat diilustrasikan dengan sebuah gunung es (kepribadian) adalah apa yang orang pertama lihat pada diri kita.Gambaran, teknik, dan keterampilan dapat mempengaruhi keberhasilan luar anda, berat efektivitas nyata terletak pada karakter yang baik.

CHARACTER – A person with high character exhibits integrity,maturity,and an Abundance Mentality”
Seseorang yg Karakter dengan integritas yang tinggi, kedewasaan, dan Mentalitas berlimpah”

Competence – A person with high competence has knowledge and ability in a given area.
Kompetensi – Seseorang dengan kompetensi tinggi memiliki pengetahuan dan kemampuan di sudut tertentu.

To be truly effective in any area,a person must have a balance of high character and high competence.As People balance these two elements,they build their personal trustworthiness and their trust with others.

Character + Competence


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