Work Responsibilities for children – From Age 2 years – Junior High

Ages Two to Four

  1. Pick up used toys and put in the proper place.
  2. Put books and magazines in a rack.ery
  3. Sweep the floor.
  4. Place napkins,plates,and silverware on the table.
  5. Clean up what they drop after eating.
  6. Choose between two food at breakfast.Learn to make simple decisions.
  7. Clear own place at the table.Put the dishes on the counter after clearing the leftovers off the plate.
  8. Toilet training.
  9. Simple hygiene-brush teeth,was and dry hands and face,and brush hair.
  10. Undress self-dress with some help.
  11. Wipe up own accidents.
  12. Carry boxed or canned goods from the grocery sacks to the proper shelf.

Ages Four to Five

  1. .Set the table.
  2. Put the groceries away.
  3. Help with the groceries shopping and compile a grocery list.
  4. Polish shoes and clean up afterwards.
  5. Follow a schedule for feeding pets.( for those who has) having pets additionally teach them to be responsible…
  6. Help do yard and garden work.
  7. Helps make the beds and vacuum.
  8. Help do the dishes or fill the dishwasher.
  9. Dust the furniture.
  10. .Spread butter on sandwiches. for the food it depend on the family culture what types of food)
  11. Prepare cold cereal.
  12. Help mother prepare plates of food for the family dinner.
  13. Make a simple dessert (add topping to cupcakes, pour the toppings on ice cream).
  14. Hold the hand mixer to whip potatoes or mix up cake.
  15. .Share toys with friends (practise courtesy)
  16. Get the mail.
  17. Tell parent his whereabouts before going out to play.
  18. Play without constant adult supervision and attention.
  19. Bring in the milk from the milk box.
  20. Hang socks,handkerchiefs,and washcloths on a low line.
  21. Polish silver.
  22. Polish car.
  23. Sharpen pencils.

Raising Boys to Be Men -Ages Five to Six

  1.  Help the meal planning and the grocery shopping.
  2.  Make own sandwich or simple breakfast, then clean up.
  3.  Pour Own drink.
  4. Prepare the dinner table.
  5.  Tear up lettuce for the salad.
  6. Put certain ingredients into a recipe.
  7. Make bed and clean room.
  8.  Dress on own and choose outfit for the day.
  9.  Scrub the sink, toilet and bathtub.
  10.  Clean mirrors and window.
  11.  Separate clothing for washing.
  12.  Fold clean clothes and put them away.
  13.  Answer the telephone and begin to dial the phone.
  14.  Yard work.
  15.  Pay for small purchases.
  16.  Help clean out the car.
  17.  Take out the garbage.
  18.  Decide how he wants to spend his share of the family entertainment fund.
  19. Feed his pets and clean the living area.
  20. Learn to tie shoes.

Raising Boys to Be Men – First Grade

  1. Choose own clothing for the day.
  2.  Shake rugs.
  3. Water plants and flower.
  4. Peel vegetables.
  5.  Cook simple food (hot dogs, boiled eggs, and toast).
  6. Prepare own school lunch.
  7.  Help hang clothes on the clothesline.
  8.  Hang up own clothes in the closets.
  9. Gather wood for the fireplace.
  10. Rake leaves and weed.
  11. Take pet for walk. This is for non-Muslim who has a dog/Still can for Muslim who has a cat or other animals.
  12.  Tie own shoes.
  13.  Care for his own minor injuries.
  14.  Keep the garbage container clean.
  15.  Clean out inside of a car.
  16.  Straighten or clean out silverware drawer.

Raising Boys to Be Men – Second Grade

  1.  Oil and care for bike.
  2.  Take phone messages.
  3.  Run errands for parents.
  4.  Sweep and wash patio area.
  5.  Water the lawn.
  6.  Wash dog or cat.
  7.  Train pets.
  8.  Carry in the groceries sacks.
  9.  Get self up in the morning and go to bed at night on own.
  10.  Learn to be polite,courteous,and to share;respact others.
  11.  Carry own lunch money and notes back to school.
  12.  Leave the bathroom in order.
  13.  Do simple Ironing.
  14.  Wash down walls and scrubs floors.

Raising Boys to Be Men – Third Grade

  1. Fold napkins properly and set silverware properly.
  2.  Mop or buff the floor.
  3.  Clean blinds.
  4.  Help rearrange furniture.
  5.  Run own bathwater.
  6.  Help others with their work when asked.
  7.  Straighten own closet and drawers.
  8.  Shop for and select own clothing and shores with parents.
  9.  Change school clothes without being told.
  10.  Fold blankets.
  11.  Sew buttons.
  12.  Sew rips in seams.
  13.  Clean storage room.
  14.  Clean up animal “messes” in the yard and house.
  15.  Begin to read recipes and cook for the family.
  16.  Cut flowers and make a centerpieces.
  17.  Pick fruits of trees.
  18.  Build a campfire, get items ready to cook out(charcoal,hamburgers)
  19.  Paint fence or shelves.
  20.  Help write simple letters.
  21.  Write thank-you notes.
  22.  Help with defrosting and cleaning the refrigerator.
  23.  Feed the baby.
  24.  Polish silverware,copper,or brass items.
  25.  Clean patio furniture.
  26.  Wax living room furniture

Raising Boys to Be Men – Fourth Grade

  1. Change sheets and put dirty sheets in hamper.
  2.  Operate the washer or dryer.
  3.  Measure detergent.
  4.  Buy groceries using a list and comparative shopping.
  5.  Cross street unassisted.
  6. Keep own appointments.
  7. Prepare pastries from mixes.
  8. Prepare a family meal.
  9. Receive and answer own mail.
  10. Pour and make tea,coffe,and instant drinks.
  11. .Wait on guests.
  12.  Plan own birthday.
  13.  Simple first aid.
  14.  Do neighborhood chores.
  15.  Sew knit, or weave (even using a sewing machine).
  16.  De chores without a reminder.
  17.  Learn banking and to be thrifty and trustworthy.
  18.  Wash the family car.

Fifth Grade

  1. Be alone at home for short period.
  2.  Handle sums of money up to RM5.00.
  3.  Take the city bus to selected destinations.
  4.  Proper conduct when staying overnight with a friend. Pack own suitcase.
  5.  Responsible for personal hobby.
  6.  Handle self properly when the public places alone or with peers. Boys to Be Men

6th Grade

  1. Join outside organizations, do assignments, and attend. Able to take responsibilities as a leader.
  2.  Put siblings to bed and dress them.
  3.  Clean pool and pool area.
  4.  Respect others’ property.
  5.  Run own errands.
  6.  More lawn with supervision.
  7.  Help Father build things and do family errands.
  8.  Schedule himself time for studies.
  9.  Buy own sweets or treats.
  10.  Responsible for a paper route.
  11.  Check and add oil to car under supervision.

Junior High

  1. Determine how late he/she should stay up during the week. Also determine how late he/she should be out for evening gatherings through mutual parent-child discussion and agreement).
  2.  Responsibility for preparing family meals.
  3.  Social awareness: good health,exercise,necessary rest, correct weight, nutritious food, physical examinations.
  4.  Anticipate the needs of others and initiate the appropriate action.
  5.  Acceptance of capabilities and limitations.
  6.  Self-respect or individual worth.
  7.  Responsibility for one’s decisions.
  8. Raising Boys to Be Man

    Hopefull that they will turn out to be well-adjusted adults.

    Mutual respect,loyalty,and honesty in the family.


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